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  1. 1. Details
    1. 1.1 Interface
    2. 1.2 Example

vtools_report inbreeding_coefficient calculates the {$F$} statistic at single individual sample level from genotype data. It measures the reduction in heterozygosity for given genomic region of samples, compare to expected heterozygosity level under Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium. For a two allelic locus, {$$P(AA)=p^2(1-F)+pF$$} {$$P(aa)=q^2(1-F)+qF$$} {$$P(Aa)=2pq(1-F)$$} We compute estimate for {$F$} as {$\hat{F}=1-\frac{\#observed(Aa)}{\#expected(Aa)}$}

Variants included for calculation of {$F$} must be under HWE and be bi-allelic. Tri-allelic loci are automatically excluded from calculation.

Estimate of MAF using given samples should be computed prior to calculation of {$F$}, via vtools update TABLE --from_stat maf=maf().

1.  Details

1.1  Interface

vtools_report inbreeding_coefficient -h
usage: vtools_report inbreeding_coefficient [-h]
                                            [--samples [SAMPLES [SAMPLES ...]]]
                                            --maf_field MAF_FIELD [-v {0,1,2}]

Report F statistic which describe the expected degree of a reduction in
heterozygosity when compared to Hardy-Weinberg expectation. In simple two
allele system with inbreeding, P(AA) = p^2(1-F)+pF, P(aa) = q^2(1-F)+qF and
P(HET) = 2pq(1-F). For an individual F is estimated by F = 1 - #observed(HET)
/ #expected(HET). Tri-allelic loci, if identified, are excluded from

positional arguments:
  table                 Variants based on which individual inbreeding
                        coefficients are evaluated.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --samples [SAMPLES [SAMPLES ...]]
                        Conditions based on which samples are selected to have
                        inbreeding coefficients calculated. Default to all
  --maf_field MAF_FIELD
                        Name of the field that holds minor allele frequency
                        for sample variants, which is the field name for
                        command 'vtools update table --from_stat
                        "maf_field=maf()" --samples ...'.
  -v {0,1,2}, --verbosity {0,1,2}
                        Output error and warning (0), info (1) and debug (2)
                        information of vtools and vtools_report. Debug
                        information are always recorded in project and
                        vtools_report log files.

1.2  Example

Compute MAF for given samples

vtools update variant --from_stat 'mafEUR=maf()' --samples "super_pop='EUR'" -j8

We evaluate heterozygosity level on chromosome 1

vtools select "chr='1'" -t chr1

Inbreeding coefficients are computed and saved to file chr1.inbreeding.txt

vtools_report inbreeding_coef chr1 --maf_field mafEUR --samples "super_pop='EUR'" \
                                                                     > chr1.inbreeding.txt
head chr1.inbreeding.txt
HG00118	0.00599944241381
HG00119	0.00206096581669
HG00120	0.0114070032711
HG00121	0.0461496321201
HG00122	0.0127749763012
HG00123	0.00582167049467
HG00124	0.0129693670104